The Arkansas Assessment is The ACT and ACT Aspire.   The ACT Aspire replaces the Arkansas Benchmark Science, Explore, PLAN, and all EOC exams.
Kindergarten - Qualls Early Learning Inventory
1st - 2nd  - Iowa Test of Basic Skills
3rd - 10th - ACT Aspire
11th grade - The ACT 
ACT ASPIRE (3rd-10th grades)
The ACT Aspire is a series of tests given to 3rd - 10th graders to help track their growth, identify gaps in learning, and to prepare them for eventually taking the ACT test.  Content areas include English, Reading, Writing, Math, and Science. Tests are computer-based with rapid scoring and feedback (except writing). Question types include multiple choice, short answer, and long response. For more information, follow this link.
The Bergman District testing calendar will be as follows:
March 1st                  The ACT                   All 11th Graders
April 5th & 6th             IOWA                      1st and 2nd Graders 
April 12th & 13th         The ACT Aspire        7th and 8th Graders
April 14th & 15th         The ACT Aspire        5th and 6th Graders
April 19th & 20th         The ACT Aspire        3rd  and 4th Graders
April  27th & 28th        The ACT Aspire        9th and 10th Graders