Sixth Grade Science News


February 19th – 23rd 




In science this week:

Monday: Environmental Science!! Sludge is in the air. Air sayings/ Cause and effects of air pollution-Air pollution poster.Air Villian trading cards (memory game)

Tuesday: Day 2- Pollution Detector Lab-Construction. Place detectors.

Wednesday: What’s in my air? Activity-What is air pollution? How can I be exposed and impact on  my health.

Thursday: Results and observations from air pollution detectors/using microscopes view esults draw descriptions and possible types/calculate number of particles.

Friday: Read article “Bad Air In Beijing”  / Video  “ Hazardous Air Pollution Shrouds Beijing”   CER

.Up and Coming Events

Art Club meeting will be on Monday, Feb 19.  Not Tuesday.


Next week is FFA week.  These are the dress up days, if you would like to participate.

mon- America day (red, white, blue)

tues - camo day

wed - dress like your agri teacher

thurs - hillbilly day

friday - FFA Attire 





What’s for Lunch???

 Mon: Chicken Melt, tomato, baked beans, oven fries, fruit, cherry crisp.  Tue: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes w/gravy, broccoli, roll, fruit.  Wed: Pulled pork sandwich, oven fries, garden salad, baby carrots, cucumber, fruit.  Thur: Beef & bean burrito, cheese dip, tortilla chips, lettuce, tomato, corn, salsa, fruit.  Fri: Hoagie sandwich, lettuce, tomato, chips, fruit, cookie.