Alternative Method of Instruction Days

The work for Mr. Mathis AMI days will be listed here as well as posted to all Google Classrooms in a google form by 9:00 am the day of no school (if conditions allow), or the evening before if we know we will be missing ahead of time. This will be the preferred method of completing the assignment. A hard copy will also be sent home with all students in advance so that, if for any reason it is not possible to do the assignment online, such as WiFi access or power outage, they may be completed on paper.  A copy of the paper version will also be listed on this page. 


Day 1: Acorn Poisoning

Day 2: Dairy in Hawaii

Day 3: Turning Cow Poo into Power

Day 4: Not College Bound? Try Welding School

Day 5: Harvey’s Bitter Harvest