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Game Schedule 2017

No Jr High B game tonight 22 Aug 17.  Game First game starts at 5:00.


As of 16 Aug 2017

Date Time Team Location Jr 1 Jr 2 JV V
22-Aug-17 5:00 Cotter Away X   X X
24-Aug-17 4:00 Green Forrest Home X X X X
28-Aug-17 5:00 Alpena Away X   X X
29-Aug-17 5:00 Clinton Away X   X X
31-Aug-17 5:00 Marshall Away X   X X
2-Sep-17 8:00 S of O Tournament Away       X
5-Sep-17 5:00 Yellville Away X   X X
7-Sep-17 4:30 Valley Springs Home X X X X
9-Sep-17 8:00 Slam Fest Harrison Away       x
12-Sep-17 5:00 Flippin Home X X   X
14-Sep-17 5:00 Cotter Home X   X X
26-Sep-17 5:00 Clinton Home X   X X
28-Sep-17 5:00 Marshall Home X   X X
3-Oct-17 5:00 Yellville Home X   X X
5-Oct-17 4:30 Valley Springs Away X X X X
7-Oct-17 8:00 Border Wars Hollister Mo. Away     X X
10-Oct-17 5:00 Flippin Away X X   X
6-Oct-17 6:00 S of O Home     X X
14-Oct-17 TBD Jr High Tournament Green Forest Away X