Science-- 1st quarter-- Nature of Science--scientific method

              Data--gather, make charts/graphs, read charts/graphs

               2nd quarter--cells, (different kinds of cells and responsibilities, begin genetics,

               3rd quarter--finish genetics/ heredity--understand and apply punnett squares, dominant and recessive genes, adaptation, diversity, variations natural selection

                4th quarter--earth's changes through erosion, weathering, earthquakes, volcanoes etc. and planets and galaxies

Science Skills to Focus on

  1. use appropriate science vocabulary
  2. use appropriate math related skills
  3. write conclusions based on Claim, Evidence, Reasoning and Counterclaim
  4. analyze charts, graphs, pictures, models, and make appropriate conclusions
  5. construct appropriate graphs for the data
  6. understand science and engineering processes
  7. evaluate models, inferences and experimental results through compare and contrast