Things to Know

8th Grade English


  • Most of our assignments are turned in through Google Classroom.  When students are absent, they are responsible for checking Classroom for their make up work.


  • Students are reminded about missed assignments and given at least one day to turn those assignments in before I send them to Homework Detention.


  • We have bell work 3-5 times week.  We have a quiz over this bell work every 1-3 weeks.  The bell work sheet doubles as a study sheet for the quiz.


  • Students have 3 (2 Nonfiction; 1 Fiction) genre requirements each quarter.  The due dates are posted in Google Classroom.  Each of these assignments is worth 20 points.


  • Students are required to earn 25 AR points each quarter.


  • The final 9 weeks AR grade comes from points and comprehension.  

    • ⅔--points and ⅓ comprehension