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Beginning another school year brings about questions of all kinds.  What can I do to make better grades?  Can I make it in college?  Can I do college and high school at the same time?  When is the ACT given?  The counselor’s office is the place to get answers to these questions and many others.  I would be glad to visit with you about any academic, social or emotional concerns you might have for your student.  Sometimes parents want to check grades or request tutoring, I can also help you with these concerns. 

          College and career choices are major decisions that many students struggle with and much of my time at school is spent with students trying to help them prepare for life after high school.  We want you as a parent to be a part of that.  Please call anytime you have questions concerning your student’s progress or preparation for their next step after high school.  My phone number is 741-1414 ext 7232 and my e-mail address is  Feel free to correspond.  We desire a successful high school career for all of our students.

Sandra Todd 

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