Gifted and Talented

Bergman School Gifted and Talented Program

Serving Kindergarten - 12th grade


Philosophy and Guidelines

Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades are serviced via whole group enrichment. The Gifted Education teacher sees all of the students in these grades for 30 minutes every other week. The weeks during which the certified gifted teacher does not come into the classroom, enrichment is provided by STAR time lessons. Whole group enrichment lessons are extensions of the regular curriculum or exploration of curriculum not typically taught in the classroom. 

To identify students as possibly needing gifted services, we use information collected in their education up to the point of identification. This information includes, but is not limited to, classroom teacher evaluations and observations, standardized test scores, whole group enrichment observations and notes, and other measurements such as creativity testing. All pertinent information is used to identify those achieving at the highest level who may need a different approach to education or who need more than they will receive in the regular classroom.  The test scores and information collected are evaluated by the Gifted Identification Committee, comprising of at least five educational professionals. This Identification Committee is headed by the Gifted Coordinator. The students who show potential, need, and ability are placed in the program pending parental permission. 

Students who are identified remain in the program through the end of their secondary education. If at any time a student or parent wishes to remove said student from the program, parents are able to do by signing a withdrawal form. Identified students’ success, progress, and education needs are evaluated each year. If ever a student’s needs change, a committee will meet with the student and assess his/her continued placement.

In grades 4-6, students are served by the Gifted Education teacher via a pull-out class for 150 minutes per week. Students have the opportunity to explore, create, research, and work independently and in groups, all while seeing their affective needs met.

In grades 7-8, students meet with the Gifted Ed teacher for 30 minutes twice a week during their independent reading period. This time is used for the Gifted Ed teacher to check on student progress, encourage them in their schoolwork, and meet affective needs. The rest of the 150 minute requirement for gifted students is met through Pre-Advanced Placement classes. Each gifted student in grades 7-8 takes at least one Pre-AP class. At Bergman these are offered in math and science. While only one of these is required, we often encourage students to take both if they are able. 

In grades 9-12, students meet with the Gifted Education teacher for 48 minutes once a month (the third Thursday) during “GOLD block.” During this time the Gifted teacher works to meet affective needs and provide additional preparation for college entrance. Gifted high school students take at least 1 Pre-AP, AP, or concurrent classes each year. This class meets the requirement of 150 minutes of gifted servicing each week. Many students choose to take more than one each year.

Even if a student is not identified at the end of the third grade year, a referral for that student to be considered for gifted placement can be made at any time by any person, such as a community member, parent, teacher, or that student. Referral forms can be emailed to Mrs. Lawrence or given to the office at any time. The appropriate form necessary for referral can be found at the bottom of this page. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Morgan Lawrence via email or phone at (870) 741-1414 x6133. 

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