Principal's Message from Sarah Alexander

Bergman Middle School
Established 1999 for the Tweeners!


Report to the Public 2017-18

Demographics – There are 333, 5 th – 8 th grade students in the middle school as of today! Of
those 333: 97 are 5 th graders, 78 are 6 th graders, 72 are 7 th graders, and 86 are in the 8 th grade.
There are only 5 more girls in our school than boys. Surprisingly, we have only 2 more girls than
boys k-12. Our free and reduced food status has risen to 61%, which is about a 3% increase over
the past few years. However, our great kid status is still 100%, maybe not perfect but great
Speaking of great, we have an amazing staff, full of hard working people who care about kids
and want to see them grow and succeed. We have 22 fully certified full time teachers in the
middle school, and we share another six teachers with the elementary and high school. We
have a full time counselor, library media specialist, two secretaries, and eight paraprofessionals,
three of which are helping individual students. Our nurses, dean of students, resource officer,
maintenance /custodial staff, dyslexia specialist, and testing coordinator are also shared with
the other schools.

Highlights -We know from research that there are significant benefits for students who are
involved in additional activities. With that being said, we are pleased that about 75% of our
students are involved in some sort of extra-curricular events. Thank you to the many people
who are putting in additional time so that our students can have those opportunities. Students
will be involved in many activities this year including: Science Fairs, Essay Contests, Math
Carnival, Girls of Promise Conference, Marine Biology Camp, Boone County Teen Summit,
Panther Ambassador Club, Band, Choir, Basketball, Cheerleading, Track, Trap, Archery, FFA,
FCCLA, Art Club, Quiz Bowl, Chess Tournaments, Minecraft Club, and Special Olympics.
A few new things that we have been invited to are the Girls’ Power and STEM Conference, and
Manufacturing Days. The STEM Conference is at UCA and exposes girls to jobs that are in the
science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields in Arkansas. During the
Manufacturing Day activities our eighth graders got to tour PACE Industries, Wabash Wood
Products, and the North Campus of North Arkansas College. Our Career development class
offers students exposure to several different careers but these two events really give students a
front row view to a variety local options.

Educational Goals – ACSIP funds have allowed us to be one-to- one with student technology in
all of the core classes for the past three years. Now that we are in a position to begin to replace
some of the first chrome books that were bought, we see the opportunity to take some of the
used but still working units and check them out to students who do not have a device to use for
homework. Since a good number of our students do not have access to the internet at home,
we will continue extended computer lab availability to before school and at lunch. Additionally,
there is after school tutoring including technology access Monday-Thursday of each week. We
want to make technology accessible to all of our students regardless of their economic status.
Response to Intervention (RTI) is another initiative that we are continuing to focus on this year.
RTI is the process of administering a universal screener to all students then using that data to
identifying students or groups of students with deficiencies. Once weaknesses have been
found, interventions are given to the students followed by another screener test to determine
if the intervention is working. Our goal is to make learning more individualized based on
student needs. A 30-minute block of time has been set aside each morning in the fifth and sixth
grade classes for interventions, and the remediation periods are still in place for seventh and
eighth graders who need additional support.
We have also committed to a school wide attendance goal to decrease the number of students
by 20% who missed 10 days or more for the entire year. Last year there were 50 kids in the
middle school, who fit into that category. Our entire instructional staff was able to attend a full
days training in August that included information on how to improve attendance. Dr. Manny
Scott and Tammy Pawloski provided wonderful professional development on, Reaching
Children in Poverty. We understand that if we can “Reach Them”, by making them feel
welcome, safe, and appreciated that we will have a much better chance of getting them to
come to school.

Thank you for your continued support of our vision to do the very best that we can for each student.

Sarah Alexander