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Take Flight Curriculum

Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia

Bergman School District implements the Take Flight program with students showing markers or characteristics of dyslexia.  Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia, is a curriculum written by the staff of the Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia and Learning Disorders at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.  


Take Flight addresses the five components of effective reading instruction identified by the National Reading Panel's research (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension) and is a comprehensive Tier III Intervention for students with dyslexia.


Take Flight findings:

  • significant growth in all areas of reading skill
  • students maintain the benefits of instruction and word reading skills and continue to improve in reading comprehension
  • effective when used in schools by teachers with advanced training in treating learning disorders
  • students with the lowest reading skills acquire the strongest gains from Take Flight instruction.


To read more about Take Flight, please click on the link below: