Canned Book Report

Date Assigned:  January 4, 2016                                 Date Due:  March 1, 2016

Your job is to read a great book and fill up a can (or some other closeable container – NO GLASS) with information about that book!

You must get your book approved by me before completing the book report!

1.  Get a good-sized can/container (about the size of a coffee can) with a lid. You may use any good-sized container as long as it has a lid.  Please clean out the inside of the container. 

2.  The outside of the can needs to be wrapped with paper.  Decorate that paper (it’ll be easier to do this before you put it on the can) with drawn, printed, or cut out illustrations of characters, events, or scenes from your story.  You may not print or in any other way copy the book cover and/or the movie poster to go on the outside of the can.

3.  Write the title, author, and your name on the lid of the container.

4. Include the following information in your can (you can put each category on an index card or some other type of paper, or you could create a miniature book that includes items a through f; clearly label each category, and thoroughly write about each category):

                a.  Characters – only the main one(s)

                b.  Choose one character and write about that character.

                c.  Setting – time and place

                d.  Conflict(s) – there may be more than one!

                e.  Resolution(s) – there may be more than one!

                f.  Plot – what is the story about? (Write a short summary about the story; do not use a

                                 summary that someone else has written!)


                g.  List of artifacts in the can (see #5) – tell what each artifact represents in the story

5.  Find at least 3 artifacts that best describe or go with an event or character in your story.  For example, you might include a potion vial for Juliet.  Or you might make a puppet of the main character.  You can make these objects or buy them.  Place all three objects in the container.

Scoring Rubric – 100 Points Total (This will actually be worth 300 points of your total grade)

Assignment turned in on time                15                           3 artifacts (5 points/each artifact)                       15

Neatness                                             10                           7 Categories in #4 (5 points/each category)         35

Following directions                              10                           Overall effort/creativity                                      15


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