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This class will primarily cover US history from the year 1800 to 1900.  We will begin the first semester by reviewing pre-history through 1800, but most of our time will be focused on the birth of our nation through the industrialization of America.  

We will learn through chapter course work as well as projects.  Some projects you can look forward to are:

  • Handmade journals-Create a one of a kind journal to use in this class.  Each journal will be created in the style of ancient books made before the invention of the printing press.
  • Native American games, paper, and food.
  • Underground Railroad Lanterns.
  • Civil War Letters and food.

We will use Kahoot.it, Newsela, and many other fun interactive websites throughout the course. 



1. Students will analyze the period of expansion and reform in the United States.

2. Students will analyze the American Civil War and Reconstruction and their effects on the social, economic, and political development of America.

3. Students will analyze the development of the United States and the economic and cultural transformation that led to modern America.


1. Students will analyze geographic attributes of Arkansas.

2. Students will analyzw ways the geography of Arkansas influenced the development of the state.

3. Students will analyze economic influences on Arkansas.

4. Students will analyze the economic impact f Arkansas nationally and globally.

5. Students will analyze government and politics in Arkansas.

6. Students will analyze the influence of government and politics on social issues.

7. Students will examine the impact of historical events and people on the development of Arkansas.





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