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Career Development Essential Learning


Students will be able to:

Develop honest awareness of self and personal preference for the purpose of self-promotion, advocacy and management necessary for achieving success in the world of work.

Analyze occupational and career resources necessary to digest current, accurate, and unbiased information relevant to personal preference.

Formulate career decisions based upon a decision-making process necessary for choosing a career pathway with the highest probability of success.

Develop tentative high school and career plans with a logical sequence of courses and achievable steps for success aligned toward a career focus area.

Assess and explain fundamental career readiness skills which form the basis for further career preparation.

Apply advanced functions of document formatting to previous knowledge including, but not limited to; document styles, templates and columns.

Expand current working knowledge of tables by formatting layout as well as manipulating data.

Create and format data entry forms for use in the business world.

Conduct a mail merge between a formatted document and envelopes for circulation using sorting and filtering of data.

Properly apply graphics to a document to place emphasis on important information.

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