Alternative Methods of Instruction for PE

AMI (Alternative Method of Instruction) for PE


Day 1- Please do 3 sets of 25 pushups, 25 setups, 25 jumping jacks, 25 lunges.


Day 2- Hold a plank position for 3 sets of 1 minute. Hold a flexed push up position (half way down) for 3 sets of 30 seconds. Leg lifts (keep feet 6 inches off the ground) for 3 sets of 45 seconds.


Day 3- Do as many pushups as you possible can in 2 minutes. Do as many sit ups as you possibly can in 2 minutes. Hold a wall sit for 2 minutes. Do all 3 of these twice each.


Day 4- 3 sets of 15 frog leaps as high as you can. Go low enough that your fingertips touch your ankles but keep your back straight. 3 sets of jumps as high and quick as you can staying on your toes and barely bending your knees. Chop your feet for 3 sets of 45 seconds. 3 sets of 15 calve raises.


Day 5- 3 sets of 35 pushups, 35 setups, 35 jumping jacks, 35 lunges.