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Complete the following activities:

AMI Day 1 –

AMI Day 2 – Journal About Gratitude:

Take a few minutes to write down five good things about your day. The entries don’t have to be major events—they might be as simple as a good meal, talking to a friend, or getting through a difficult challenge.

AMI Day 3 – Write a Letter:

Think about someone who has had a major impact on your life, someone who you would like to thank, or someone who you appreciate having in your life. Write a letter with specific details about what it is you appreciate about them.

AMI Day 4 – Say “Thank You”

Keep your eyes open throughout the day for reasons to say “thanks”. Try to recognize the small actions people do every day that might be overlooked such as a colleague who always goes the extra mile, or a friend who always seems willing to listen.

AMI Day 5 – Setting Goals

Take a few minutes to list 3 goals for each time period : 5 hours from now; 5 days from now; 5 months from now; 5 years from now.