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4th Quarter 2017-2018


The Middle School Choir went to Choral Performance Assessment (our contest) on February 28 and received a composite rating of Excellent (II) for their performance of “Antiphonal Kyrie” and “A Festive Call to Freedom”! They were within just a few points of the Superior (I) rating. They worked very hard, and I’m so proud of them!

In Sight Reading, they earned a Superior (I) rating, the highest you can receive. All the judge could say about them was “Great Job!” I agree completely.


The 7th-grade guitar ensemble will perform on Monday, May 1st, as part of the Fine Arts Night program in the HS Gym. Fine Arts Night will feature musicians from the guitar ensembles, the band, the high school choir, and a gallery of pieces created by our talented Art students. As we get closer to the date, more information will be posted here and a letter with the schedule of events will be sent home with the students.

The Middle School Choir will perform on Friday, May 4th, at 6:30 PM, with the High School Choir, at our annual “Summer Blastoff” concert. The concert will feature Pop and Broadway pieces, including choral arrangements of music from “The Greatest Show” and “Moana.” There will also be solos and small group performances prepared by our choir students. Please note: the Middle School Choir will not perform on May 1st. I apologize for the change from the handbook date; as the schedule for the Fine Arts Night continued to develop, it was clear that the Summer Blastoff event doesn’t really fit, and would make the evening run very long. In addition, I don’t want to put parents or students in the position of having to be at school two evenings in the same week. As we get closer to the date, more information will be posted here and a letter will be sent home with the students.


Middle School Choir (7-8)

We will be working to prepare for our Summer Blastoff Concert on May 4th

After the concert, we will divide our time between music fundamentals and writing our own songs.

8th grade students will be invited to an “High School Chorist For a Day” event. Students will have the chance to have lunch (pizza!) with the high school students and then join our 5th-hour choir rehearsal. The date has not yet been determined, and of course we will send information home with the students and update the page here.

7th grade Guitar

Students will be working on several pieces to perform on Fine Arts Night on May 1st. We will also spend a portion of this 9 weeks writing songs, first as as a class, then in small groups, and finally independently. I’m looking forward to seeing what the students create!

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