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Welcome students, family, and friends to 7th grade English/Language Arts! On this site, you will have access to helpful resources, activities for fun, and important information pertaining to our class and upcoming events. 

 2017-18 Newsletter (parents/students)




  1. USE GOOGLE CHROME AS THE WEB BROWSER (Google Chrome is a free download.)
  2. GO TO (using the Chrome web browser)
  3. LOGIN TO CLASSROOM (school email address / password)

 Check out these links below for more helpful information.

  • AR Program:  Helpful information about the AR program as used in 7th grade
  • AR Required Genres for 2016-17:  Required reading assignments for the upcoming year
  • Book Blurbs: Just finished a good book? Don't know what you want to read next? Check out this page for some short blurbs about books that you won't be able to put down!
  • FAQ: Ever wondered what you should do if you miss a day of school? Well, you will be able to find answers to questions just like that one on this page. As the year goes, we'll add things we think will help everyone out.
  • Just for Fun: Need a brain break? Visit these fun and engaging websites when you're looking for something to do! And who knows? You may still learn something along the way!
  • Operation READ!: Go to cool websites about books and authors. Play games, watch author interviews, listen to book talks, and much, much more.
  • Resources: Online resources can be an invaluable tool. Browse the different online dictionaries, calculators, and other available sources. You will also find links to interesting podcasts on a wide range of subjects.
  • Tech Tools and Links: Lots of resources to explore and use. BEWARE: Some are free and some are not!
  • Tutorials: Visit this page for extra help.
  • Videos: Some of the videos are class projects while others are just for fun.


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