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 Sixth Grade !!!

                                                Essential Learnings for Reading!               

                             1. Students will determine central ideas or themes of a text and write a summary using supportive
                                   details. S
tudents will analyze the structure of text, including how specifice sentences, paragraphs,
                                   and larger 
portions of the text relate to each other and the whole.

                             2.  Students will learn new vocabulary and technology skills throughout the year.

                             3. Student reading choices for the 2016-2017 school year will come from the genres:  Science Fiction, 
                                 Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Realistic Fiction.

                              Essential Learnings for Social Studies History!

               First Semester:
                            1. How do People adapt to their environments?
                            2. How does geography influence the way people live?  Why does conflict develop?
                            3. What makes a culture unique?  Why do civilizations rise and fall?

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