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Classroom Number: 76 HS
Conference Time:
7th period: 1:34 -- 2:22

High School:  1992 graduate of Harrison High School

College:  2000 graduate of Arkansas Tech University

Degree:  BA Speech Education

Certifications:  English/Lang. Arts (7-12), Speech/Drama, Health, Coaching Endorsement

Teaching Career:  August 2000 - May 2007 Lead Hill High School; August 2007 - Present Bergman High School

Married:  Tiffany B. Nichols (Anniversary = June 1, 1996)

Educational Philosophy:  "Preparing students to take their places as effective, functioning members of society!"

Words I Live By:  "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." -- Theodore Roosevelt -and- "Less than our best is failure!"  -- Anonymous

Hobbies:  Singing, Hunting, Fishing, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Camping, Cruising, Cooking, and Eating!

Beliefs/Ideology:  I am a pentecostal, protestant, conservative, christian who believes in hard-work, dedication, loyalty, family, friends, small-government, free-enterprise, capitalism, and the absolute truth of the statement, "I am who I choose to be!"

Me:  (In Ontario, Canada)

My Better-Half and I: (At Mendenhal Glacier, Alaska)