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There is a very useful tool/formula to help assist you in effectively narrowing your topic and postulating an effective research question at the bottom of the page.

The Writing Studio...Duke University's Thompson Writing Program published this nifty online pdf for formulating and shaping an approriate research question for your papers. In-depth discussion and explanation along with many good examples.

Empire State College writing lab resource center providing tips and help on a multitude of research and writing questions and situations...

Your entire text plus tons more resources for ease of use anywhere you have internet access!  No need to lug around a heavy book!  Go green and save on paper by completing assignments electronically!  All you need is your user name and password (see me)!

Great student resource for literature...and all subjects really!

Some great "Test Prep" features as well!

A must for all students!  If you're not using this site, you are missing out -- hurting yourself!

A broader search engine that searches multiple sites at once to provide you quick and easy access to the best resources available!  A Literature students best friend!