Amanda Wilson's Class
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1st 9 weeks Focus for P.E.

Our essential learning pieces for this 9 weeks are going to focus on Muscular Strength and Eundurance along with Spatial Awareness. We will be working on the Presidential Physical Fitness Test with the 5 components of mile walk/run, push-ups, crunches, shuttle-run, and flexibility test. We will also do locomotor games and a variety of games to deal with Spacial Awareness. 

We look forward to a great year with all the kids!!


Contact Amanda Wilson
School Phone:
870741-8557 ext. 247
Conference Time:
2nd 9:02-9:50
Period Class Time
1st hour 7th & 8th  P.E. 8:05-8:57
2nd hour Conference period 9:02-9:50
3rd hour 5th & 6th  P.E. 9:55-10:43
4th hour 7th & 8th grade P.E. 10:48-11:36
5th hour 7th & 8th Reading period (Tools for Learning) 11:36-12:06
6th hour 7th & 8th grade P.E. 12:41-1:29
7th hour 7th & 8th Grade P.E.  1:34-2:22
8th hour 7th & 8th P.E. 2:27-3:15