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Kyle and Cindy     A little about me.......

My husband, Kyle, and I have three children.  Our older son is a 2011 graduate of Bergman High School and a 2016 graduate of the University of Arkansas.  Our younger son is a 2014 graduate of Bergman High School, and our daughter is a ninth grader at Bergman High School.  I love to read many genres of literature and enjoy being outdoors.  

                                                            My family

I began teaching fourth grade in the Bergman School District 28 years ago after graduating from College of the Ozarks with a Bachelor of Science in Education.  While teaching fourth grade I earned a Master's degree in Education from Southwest Baptist University.  I moved to first grade after eight years in upper elementary.  I was in first grade for 13 years and then moved to second grade for two years.  This year marks my fifth year in third grade. 

I feel very fortuante to have the opportunity to work with such a great TEAM of students and teachers.  There is a great year of learning adventures ahead of us!