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Below are example activities that you and your child can complete to enhance your child’s educational learning experiences.



  • Write About Your Day 
  • Use Pay-Do to Form Letters/Sight Words
  • Write Spelling Words/Sight Words in Shaving Cream
  • Cut Letters Out of Magazines/Newspapers to Practice Spelling Words
  • Write/Illustrate A Comic Book
  • Write A Book Review
  • Write A Movie Review
  • Practice Writing Letters of Alphabet 
  • Practice Sight Word Flash Cards/Play Games w/Flash Cards 
  • Read An Accelerated Reader (AR) Book
  • Write A Letter to A Friend
  • Make A Grocery List
  • Write A Menu For The Week
  • Find Sight Words/Letters in Books
  • READ! 


  • Practice Multiplicaiton/Addition/Subtraction Facts w/Flash Cards
  • Count the Number of Doors/Windows/Bedrooms/Etc. in the House
  • Write Numbers 1-120
  • Count Money
  • Tell the Time on Clock
  • Count to 100 by 1s, 5s, 10s
  • Count by 2s