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This is an amazing site!!

The webs best site for students, teachers, parents!  Take a look!

This is such a great resource for students, parents, and teachers!  Love This Site!

This site allows students to drag and drop labeling different parts of body systems.

On this site students can drag and drop labeling the areas of the heart.

This site has wonderful information and interactive activities dealing with types of rocks and minerals.  I am sure that your child will learn from it and enjoy the information.

This video takes your student through the complete Rock Cycle.  It is short and gives great information.  Have your child watch it once or more than once.

This site allows students to quiz themselves on the continents and oceans.

This is an easy way to search for Accelerated Reader books. 

On this site, students can create a 30 second video with music and their favorite images.  They are able to create as many short video clips as they like.  (Adult supervision is required when searching for images or pictures on the internet)

Students can put their story ideas in a creative digital book.  So much fun!

This site is wonderful for kids to explore when learning about different topics in history.

Brain Pop has short videos of concepts that 5th grade students will be learning about this year.  There are also quick quizzes where students enjoy testing their knowledge after watching the videos.