eSchool Support

The purpose of this site is to organize information regarding eSchool, our SIS (Student Information System), during our migration from APSCN to eSchoolPlus. This site is managed by the Bergman Technology Department.  

What is eSchoolPlus?
eSchoolPlus is a Student Information System.  A Student Information System is an electronic database that holds various types of information concerning our school district.  Types of information stored in the database includes: 
  • Student Names (along with their addresses, guardian information, class schedule)
  • Teacher Information (teacher names, classes they teach)
  • Scheduling Information (times & locations of classes, students enrolled in classes, and who is teaching the classes)

Getting Started


Follow these steps, in order, to begin using eSchool:

  1. Read this document, Introduction to eSchool.
  2. Watch this video on setting up your eSchool account
  3. Watch this video on how to change your eSchool password.
  4. If you are a teacher, click here to view the teacher guide for your TAC grade book.
Things to remember:
  • You have to access eSchool and TAC from school, unless you are connecting with a VPN connection.
  • eSchool users must use Internet Explorer web browsers.  If you are running above version IE 9 or above, you will have to run Internet Explorer in compatibility mode. Supposedly, Teacher Access Center users can use other web browsers than Internet Explorer.  However in our experience, there have been some glitches when using the Chrome browser.  So we recommend using Internet Explorer.
  • eSchool and Cognos users will have to add "apscn\" in front of their username before they login.  Example: apscn\0502dwilson

To view larger videos, click on a video below to start playing, and then on the full screen icon.


As of 7/9/14, eSchool will not run correctly with Internet Explorer version 9 or above.  You must run Internet Explorer in Compatibility Mode if you are running IE 9 or above.  This video will show you how.

 This video will show you how to create a VPN connection on Windows 7.  You will need to do this before you can use TAC or eSchool from home.


 In the Account Setup video, please note that sometimes you will not be prompted to enter your security questions after you change your password.  If you do not see the security questions after changing your password, click on the "enroll" link again.  Your account will not be active and functional unless you have changed your temporary password and setup at least three security questions.

eSchool Account Setup


How to Reset Your eSchool Password