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Classroom Number: 2D
Daily Schedule

                        Ms. Sneed’s Schedule                      


8:09-8:15 Breakfast in the Classroom


8:15-8:40 Family time (Social Curriculum)


8:40-10:00 Reader’s Workshop


10:00-10:55 Writing Workshop (10:20-10:55 PE Monday)


10:55-11:25 Lunch (duty on Monday)


11:25-11:55 Recess (duty on Wednesday)


11:55-12:15 Math Facts/AR testing/Handwriting


12:15-12:55 Enrichment Classes (Monday-Computer Lab)

(Tuesday Music) (Wednesday Art) (Thursday PE) (Friday Media Center)


12:55-2:00 Math


2:00-2:40 STAR


2:40-3:00 Word Study (M, T, Th)

Science/Social Studies (W, Fr)


3:00-3:09 Read Aloud


3:09 Dismissal



G/T @ 9:40 every other Wednesday







Updated 9/1/17

5 Finger Rule

5 Finger Rule


And use the 5 finger rule 

when you choose a book!

Read a page in the middle of the book

Put one one finger for every “clunk” you have.


0 fingers-too easy

1-3 fingers-just right

4-5 quite hard-go slow!

5+-too hard for now