Trap Shooting



Parents/Athlete Meeting Tuesday January 23rd 2018 @ 6 & 7pm in the Agri bldg.  You can choose either time.  Meeting should take approx 45min.  All questions will be answered then. No guns needed.


Practices will be held on Tuesdays/Thurdays 3:30-5pm & Sundays 2-4:30pm with 33* or higher temperatures.


Summer Practices begin July 2018

Practice times will begin at 8:30am Fourth Saturday of the month


Coaches info:

Jason King (Sarge) 870-416-4130  Juniors Coach

Kevin Rowe 870-715-8386  Seniors Coach

Heather Rowe (Assistant)   

Luke Atkinson (Assistant)

Becky Bates (Assistant)


$30.00 Annual Dues must be paid by first practice.  Must complete/have completed Hunters Education to participate.


2018 AYSSP Tournaments

Juniors compete on Fridays - Seniors compete on Saturdays

All teams must be on the field and ready to compete 45 minutes prior to their scheduled time. NO AMMUNITION is allowed on tournament grounds this will be provided. NO LOADED FIREARMS on tournament ground except for competition line.

North Region – 
West Region – 
South Region – 
East Region – 

State Tournament – 


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