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Classroom Number: 77
Alabama--Summer 2013The Van Lears--Fall 2013Chaney...we love him!A. J. & Jess--Fall 2013Jessie & A. J. after their confirmation at church--Spring 2014Jessie & A. J. at Disney--Summer 2014Jessie, Chaney, & A. J.--first day of school 2014Mom (NaNa), Jess, & A. J. at Maggie & Tyler's weddingMy mom, Carol McCord, on her first visit to the Atlantic Ocean--Summer 2014A. J., Tyler, & JessicaJessie with her favorite #3A. J. with his favorite #3Maggie, A. J., Tyler, & Jessie--Spring 2014Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Chaney--August 17, 2014