EAST Initiative


EAST is a national program governed by a Board of Directors, teaching students to operate in business, education, and government. EAST is a student-centered program that promotes collaboration and problem solving. The main goal is for students to identify problems within their community (whether that be their school, town, state, etc.) and work together to solve those problems through the use of technology, relationships within the community, and collaboration between themselves. Students routinely interact with hardware and software in animation, computer-aided design, engineering design, visualization, database design, webpage design, programming, office automation, digital film making, virtual reality, global positioning systems, and geographic information systems. Teamwork is a key goal when working together on service oriented-projects. EAST is for ALL students.

The main goal of EAST is to grow students into selfless, able members of society. We strive to teach them to be "lovers of people, users of things" and to encourage their active participation within their community.

Project Info:

If you have any ideas/projects that you think would be good for east to do or you want to see done then click here and fill out a form anonymously or if you have any questions then email the EAST supervisor at mlawrence@bergman.k12.ar.us.



Please take the time to look at the EAST website: 


East Initiative


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