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High School Math/Science Position

We will have a high school Math/Science position open beginning next school year.  The teacher will be teaching the following courses: 9th grade Physical Science, Algebra 2, and AP Pre-Calculus.  

If you know of a certified teacher in Math, let them know about us!  We are looking for a GREAT teacher who loves kids & the Panthers.  

Interested applicants need to send a resume to Amy Curtis (acurtis@bergman.k12.ar.us) and submit a certified job application (located on the Bergman website).

Daytime School Custodian

Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions

  1. Requires physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry, pull, or push heavy objects or materials up to 60 lbs.

  2. Requires stooping, kneeling, crawling, bending, turning, reaching, climbing, and balancing.

  3. Ability to move furniture or equipment within the building as required.

  4. Must work in and around dust, fumes, and odors.

  5. Must work in noisy and crowded environments, with numerous interruptions.

  6. Must work indoors and outdoors year-round in a variety of temperatures.

Essential Functions

  1. Ability to provide a clean, safe, attractive, and comfortable environment to ensure full and productive use of district facilities.

  2. Ability to communicate and work effectively and cooperatively with members of the school district and community.

  3. Ability to react to changes and frequent interruptions in a productive and positive manner, and handle other tasks as assigned.

  4. Ability to operate all equipment and machinery as required

  5. Ability to work to implement the vision and mission of the District.

Interested applicants need to submit a classified job application (located on the Bergman website) to Mrs. Amy Curtis in the high school office.